This website has hundreds of job listing for Technical Writers (accepts first-time authors as well)

Are you a freelance writer with sufficient knowledge about computers? 

I am talking about technical stuff like databases, or networking, or coding or crypto

Well, then you are in luck because I found this amazing website that has over 100 gig listings for technical writers (even first-time authors). And most of the gigs pay $200-$700 per article on average. Now ain’t that something?😏

All you need is an interest in computer science related stuff (mostly). There are listings to write tutorials for database softwares, Coding languages, SaaS platforms and what not?

Did you not understand the above terms? Then this website is not for you.

But if you do (or are capable of) technical writing, then Who Pays Technical Writers is a goldmine for you.

But First, What exactly is “Technical Writing”?

Technical Writing is actually a very broad term. It refers to drafting technical communication between people of various fields; and involves knowledge and awareness of very technical terms. 

Think about how Medical Transcribers need to know specific medical terms to correctly transcribe conversations between doctors.

Similarly, for Technical Writing you need some knowledge or experience of that specific field. Technical writing usually involves writing tutorials, instruction manuals and documentation. But you can also find B2B companies hiring technical writers for their content marketing projects.

Note: While technical writing covers all the industries and “technical jobs” in the world, the site we refer to below mostly has Computer Science related writing gigs. So this site is more beneficial for CS Students and Grads.

How to check out and apply for technical job listings with this site?

Job listing sites are very complicated and invasive. Sometimes you need to sign up to view listings. There are various steps involved before you actually get to the listing. And the description and payments are often not clear.

So this guy, Philip curated a list of more than a hundred job listings/job pages for technical writers and put them up on his website.

Simply go to Who Pays Technical Writers and you will be presented with a minimalist list of gig listings useful for you.

Most of them accept candidates globally as long as you fulfil the criteria, and pay a very decent amount ($200-$1000) per article. Plus, they accept first-time authors, so college students can earn a few bucks as well.

how to use who pays technical writers
  1. Search for job listings or go through them manually to find something you like.
  2. Click on the job listing. You will directly go to the external listing page (usually on the official website)
  3. Read their terms/guidelines and apply for the listing.

See, simple as that.

Infact what I really like about this website is how clean, minimal and direct it is. There is this listing, it mentions the pay and a very short description. And I just click it to go directly to that listing.

No ads, no pop-ups, No Paywalls or Sign-up walls and all that unnecessarily complex stuff. This site has a single purpose and serves it well.

What are the different types of Technical Writing Jobs available (and should I apply for them)?

Before you get all excited and dollar-eyed, let me tell you that technical writing is not for everyone. Don’t waste your time on these gigs if you are 

  1. Not a Software Developer or CS student.
  2. Don’t have a genuine interest in the topic.
  3. Cannot write a well-structured and grammatically sound article.

These are high-paying gigs, and I know that just getting 3 or 4 of these can be a full-time monthly income in many countries. 

But they are looking for a very specific talent. 

And this is the reason most of these jobs pay so well.

Some of the categories featured on this site are

  • Open Source 
  • Front-End Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Dev-Ops
  • Consumer Tech
  • Data Science
  • APIs
  • Crypto

Again, if the above terms make aeroplanes fly above your head, don’t go for it. But if any/some of these topics interest you, then definitely give it a shot.

When and How will I get paid?

Your payment schedule and method will completely depend on the company that you work for. You can see information related to your payment in the “Write for Us” page that you are redirected to (mostly).

If not, you can always ask them directly once you start communicating with them. A lot of the companies pay via Paypal and Payoneer, but some of them prefer bank transfer or crypto.

It’s best to clear it up once you get accepted for writing a piece. 

Are the listings legit? Is it worth giving it a try?

The listings usually mention well-known and well-funded companies, so they are definitely genuine. Though I can’t guarantee it, I feel they are legit and would not cheat you or hold your payment. 

So you should definitely give it a try. At best, it can be a stepping stone for your career. At worst, you earn a few hundred dollars.

Who Pays Technical Writers?

Well, now you know…

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