Textbroker: An Easy Platform for New Freelance Writers (US-only + Payment Proof)

Finding work has been a significant problem in the freelance industry due to scams or a lack of necessary skills. However, freelance writing will always be an in-demand skill since most websites need content. 

Textbroker is one of the content providers that connects clients and writers. Here is a review of how the website works, its signup process, and payment terms. 

The platform allows clients from all over but is limited to United States citizen authors. This is evident during signup, where you only have one country option, America. 

What is Textbroker and how does it work?

Textbroker is an online content exchange platform that empowers businesses, clients, and writers. It was founded in Germany in 2008 before moving its headquarters to Las Vegas and New York. 

Textbroker offers content in two ways. First, clients have a platform where they can purchase content and articles. The other side allows writers to earn income from the comfort of their homes

As a freelancer, you are responsible for the projects and time you want to work. Textbroker also offers resources that help in improving a writer’s skills. 

Some clients that hire Textbroker’s writers include eBay, Staples, and Yoast.

The platform’s rating system helps writers produce consistent quality with varied expectations and standards. Across each star, ensure you avoid basic mistakes such as punctuation, spelling, and filler word usage. Achieving 5 stars requires one to offer engaging and informative content with minimal client revision requests. 

Textbroker’s Signup Process (How to Signup and Start Working)

Joining the platform is free with a simple and easy-to-follow process through this link. Then, you will choose to register as an author. It will present you with a registration form that is easy to fill. 

registering as an author

Textbroker is a somber company that will ask numerous questions to prove your skills. Moreover, you will do a writing sample that will be assessed as part of the application process. The good thing is that they offer guidelines and expect you to craft something around them. 

Important tip: you only have one chance to apply as a writer. After the application, your account acquires a rating on a scale of 1 to 5. The lesser the rating, the lesser jobs you get and vice versa. 

The entire process is straightforward yet lengthy. It takes up to 14 days for Textbroker support to offer feedback.  

textbroker signup form

How Much Can I Earn from Textbroker?

Earning at Textbroker depends on an author’s available working hours. Also, they offer only two payment options since it is a US-based website, PayPal and bank transfer. You must send them a W9 form to prove your American citizenship before you’re paid. 

Textbroker is one of the lowest-paying content platforms. Only “very good quality,” as described by the platform, can make you earn $0.014 per word for a four-star account. Moreover, as the level drops, the amount per word reduces. For instance, a three-star account earns $0.01 per word while two-star writers earn $0.007 per word. 

Things change drastically when you reach the five stars. Having a five-star, you earn $0.05 per word. Here is where most experienced writers work; producing 1000 words an hour translates to about $50. But it is very difficult to get a 5-star rating in Textbroker. Most of the users are never able to break the barrier of 4-stars. 

And even 5 cents per word is below the industry average. 

The advantage of Textbroker is that it offers other avenues for earning. Team and direct orders can help you attain the most out of Textbroker. 

Textbroker offers team orders where you write content in groups with a minimum of $0.01755 per word. This source has been inactive, and earning has been a problem. 

Textbroker has been offering rewards to its clients after hitting specific milestones. This could be a way they use to lure more writers to their platform. The image below shows the breakdown of rewards. 

Author bonus details

Direct orders are another venture for earning from Textbroker. With a base rate of $0.02 per word, you may want to consider the client hiring you directly. This method is also advantageous as you have to work with a private client who can help enhance your star rating. Secondly, you get to pick orders rather than bid with others. Finally, it offers better pay even after Textbroker has its percentage share. 

Textbroker Payment Proof

payment proof from textbrokers

The Problems with working at Textbroker

For a long time, the platform has had complaints about various issues. Some of them include: 

  • American residents only: you have to provide a fully validated US-government ID and confirm the W9 tax. 
  • Interface: Many clients have complained about its horrible user interface. Its outdated interface has authors complaining about the difficulty in maneuvering through jobs. 
  • Client: The client can either flourish or fail you, an author. Any bad review from a client renders your account prone to closure. Also, clients can reject work after offering one chance for revision. The advantage here is that Textbroker can review the content, and based on judgment, they can overturn the client’s decision and pay the writer. 

Textbroker is a decent platform offering writers an opportunity to work from home and earn. It is straightforward with payments and timely pays its writers. 

The main disadvantage is approval time for orders. It takes much time writing and getting work approved and rated. Working for Textbroker is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are just starting out their freelance writing journey, and struggle with finding clients and orders.

But don’t depend on it to pay all your bills, it’s best you keep looking for better clients.

Here are some quick tips to consider while writing for Textbroker:

  • An excellent place to start your freelancing career
  • The pay is low. Consider other streams of income
  • Teams and direct orders offer good pay. 
  • Start at their highest level if possible
  • Be choosy with the orders you are working on
  • Make the best out of it to get inducted to good paying platforms. 

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