Scribbr: A Platform for Freelance Editors and Proofreaders (with a super-hard entry barrier)

Last Updated on September 1, 2022

Note: Scribbr is not hiring currently, but offers to inform you once they have an opening by subscribing to their emails. In this review, I will provide you with what the company offers, the signup process, and how much you can earn working at Scribbr. 

What Is Scribbr and How Does It Work?

Scribbr is one of the websites that has been in the freelancing sector for quite a while. It started in 2012, and it’s headquartered in Amsterdam. 

They have helped many scholars earn their degrees with special editors and writers. Their editors are widespread across all continents. They help students in theory proofreading and editing tasks as it enhances their grades. Scribbr is one of the platforms where you can get your feet wet. 

The platform incorporates more than ten languages with an expanding database across multiple continents. In the meantime, their main languages are English, Deutsch, German, and French

The platform’s mission is to ensure editors produce a strong learning culture, resources, and coaching to editors despite their skill level. 

Most writers claim that Scribbr has one of the toughest tests. However, they ascertain that passing those tests earns you a slot to proper pay in the freelancing industry for non-native writers.  

Scribbr also has a plagiarism-checking tool. This is an advantage to writers and their clients. Clients are provided with plagiarism reports to show the work’s authenticity, while writers can use the service to check for errors and copy. (They don’t store it in the repository.)

Scribbr's plagiarism checker tool

The signup process at Scribbr

You must meet the following requirements before working as an editor at Scribbr.

  • Fluency in English, German, French, or Dutch
  • A bachelor’s degree in the relevant field 
  • Available for ten working hours minimum in a week. 
  • May and August are their busiest working days. You need to be fully available during those times.
  • You must meet their deadlines.
  • An added advantage if you can tackle as many subjects as possible
  • Experience in writing academic work. 
  • Have the latest Microsoft word tool and reliable networks 

Use this link to apply to join their editorial team. Here are the steps you will follow as you apply to become a editor.  

The first step is the Scribbr language test. Here, you’re tested on spotting mistakes. They also review your resume and cover letter to ascertain whether you match their requirements. Remember, to pass the language test, you need to score at least 80% marks.

Secondly, you are given a test assignment in which you must prove your editing skills. The test is reviewed by their academy coaches, who later invite you to a zoom meeting when you pass the test

The third step involves joining the Scribbr academy to evaluate your expertise and determine the skill you can be trained in before working with their editorial team. Its short simulation orders have a 24-hour deadline. The academy coaches share constructive feedback that you can use to improve for every edit you perform. During training, you must edit at least two texts to help coaches assess and polish various skills. 

In the fourth step, you are introduced to the Scribbr team. You can take on any task that suits your skills and capability. They provide a biweekly report with refresher courses on editing and proofreading. 

Finally, as an editor, you are entitled to talk to their clients, enquiring about instructions. They have a 24/7 support system that attends to people in case of anything. 

Overall, it’s a tedious process, but very streamlined. You are made to go through a path that will ensure you have the skills required, and that they get a good editor in their team.

How much can I earn at Scribbr? Is it worth joining?

Scribbr purports that they pay between $25 and $30 per hour. According to the websites, this pay is calculated based on fixed per-word rates for different assignments. During the training, you are informed about these rates. 

The editing timeline of the task determines word per rate. For instance, the shorter the deadline, the more the pay. Also, pay is determined by purchased services. Complex tasks pay more compared to easy tasks.

Scribbr platform is one of the best services to work and earn. They train you efficiently to help you boost your speed. It is definitely a legit and useful platform if you want to become an editor.

There aren’t any payment proofs of Scribbr on the Internet, and while most people appreciated it’s service before COVID, things have taken a turn after that.

Seems like their service has really deteriorated after COVID. There are multiple users on reddit complaining how their quality of work and customer service is bad. So it might not be as good as the website makes it look.

I would suggest you look for other editing and proofreading jobs as well, and keep Scribbr as a backup.

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