Gengo: A Worldwide Translation Platform with 70+ language jobs (Get Paid to Translate)

What Is Gengo? What You Will Be Doing at Gengo. 

Gengo is one of the best-known translation websites in the United Kingdom. It offers translation services to more than 70 languages across the world. The site is considered legitimate and safe to work and earn from. 

Currently, the site offers translation services for the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

The website offers 24/7 services, meaning clients worldwide can post tasks while you, a translator, can work at your schedule

Gengo accepts applications from all countries in the world. To work as a translator for Gengo, you need to be passionate, even with little skills. However, it only accepts individuals who are 18 years old and above. A basic translation test is also offered to be inducted to work for the website. 

The Signup Process and Working at Gengo 

Gengo has a straightforward application process. 

  1. On the Gengo signup page, you can create a free account. Choose to work as a translator, input your details and verify your email. 
  2. Select a language pair according to your proficiency and take the 2-pair translation test. There are specific languages that Gengo might not be accepting new applicants. 
  3. Before taking tests, you should review the Gengo resources page, which offers tips and other significant information to help you pass their test. 
  4. If there are no tests, remain patient and wait for their team to inform you via email once they are available. 
  5. After completing the tests, the review process takes seven days. You are allowed two more slots for a retake in case of failure. 

Starting with Translation Jobs at Gengo 

Familiarize with the guidelines, rules, and regulations once accepted. Ensure you master how the platform wants its tasks to be tackled. 

Jobs are taken on a first-come, first serve basis. Thus, you should have a fast internet to claim jobs easily. You can also try the Auto-Refresh extension to get notified of new jobs (see guide here).

Deadlines are essential to follow. Consistent late submissions can lead to suspension or fines to your account. Avoid orders with deadlines that you can’t manage. 

Gengo mainly offers short emails and blogs. However, there are also more significant projects with huge deadlines that one can tackle. 

The dashboard contains necessary information such as your language pair, total rewards, translation level, word count, and text instructions, as shown below. 

The Gengo dashboard

A client has three months to review your work, and they can approve, reject or request revisions. They will also comment on the work and rate you on a scale of 0-5. Heart signs on your work dashboard show your popularity. 

Select your payment processor in Gengo

Gengo ensures translators produce quality work. They use a weighted average score calculated for all projects. To access more projects, ensure this score is as high as possible. Gengo revokes a score of below 5 while above 5 attracts more clients. 

How Much Can I Earn from Gengo?

Many factors stipulate how much you can earn from Gengo. Language pair, average pay, and a translator’s location indicate how much you can make. For instance, English to Japanese translators earn more than English to Spanish translators. 

Before working on a project, you will be informed about the pay rate on the task details. 

Working at Gengo, you become an independent contractor. It means that workflow depends on the demand for translation services. 

Gengo pays in US dollars through Payoneer and PayPal. For PayPal, you can withdraw a minimum of $2, while $20 is the minimum payout for Payoneer. Each payment processor has its transaction cost. 

Payouts are processed twice every month on the 10th and 25th. However, you must request the payout in advance (7 days). 

Gengo Payment Proof (Is Gengo Legit?)

The website lacks payment proof due to strict confidentiality rules it instigates on its translators. 

Translators have offered mixed reviews about the website. While some enjoy the luxury of working from home for the site, other translators complain about the low pay compared to other translation companies. 

Overall, it seems legit, from my research and a little bit of intuition. But I don’t think it’s popular enough. Give it a shot and let us know about your experience.

when the client likes your work in gengo

Gengo is a translation site that has built its reputation over time. It is an excellent opportunity for people working from home with a flexible schedule. 

It is an excellent opportunity for individuals with bilingual skills but who lack translator skills. On the contrary, you should diversify your income earning ways since Gengo is not much dependable. Read some more unique ways to earn online below.

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