Facebook Groups for Working and Stay-at-Home Moms

Last Updated on June 5, 2022

Innovation has changed the outlook of the world generally. Women have become empowered and feel the need to generate income for various reasons. First, we all need to maintain ourselves, right?

Secondly, the person’s role idea has greatly changed over time. Through various platforms, women can find various ways to make extra income. One of the ways is through Facebook groups. 

In this article, various groups are outlined to show how you can get writing gigs from Facebook. The article also highlights some of the skills needed to work online jobs. Actually, Facebook is one of the fast-growing social media platforms offering online jobs. 

Moms are some individuals who have to undergo a lot in this world. Kudos to you, mothers! Y’all deserve a pat on the back. The good news is you can find a job with Facebook, whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom. Ask me how?

Below are some of the Facebook groups that offer support to moms. The article outlines what you expect from the groups, how they work, and what you need to join the groups. 

FB Groups that offer jobs and support to working moms

Here is a list of facebook groups that can help you as a working mom.

Working Moms Connection 

This is one of the famous Facebook groups that offer support to moms. Currently, the group consists of 23.9K members, who have been directly and indirectly helped to create a community. The group has an Instagram page, @workingmomconnection, where real mom life is shared. Working moms can also be lucky to join the group since tips and updates regarding content are shared. 

The group records an average of 37 posts. This shows that members within the group are active; one can learn more about their life as a mom and generate income. The group only requires one to adhere to rules. While joining, you will be asked a few questions that require the approval of an admin. 

Moms Supporting Moms 

This is one of the ancient groups on Facebook supporting moms. The group has 26.4k members who have contributed to various aspects. Most of them have gained knowledge in dealing with parenting. Thus, the group’s main purpose is to offer skills to first-time and other moms struggling with parenting. 

The main requirement of the group is to abide by its rules. As you request to join, you are asked simple questions requiring you to read through the rules. Well, you shouldn’t be dramatic; otherwise, you’ll be kicked out!

Moms With Careers Making It All Work 

Despite it being formed earlier, the group tends to limit members joining. Most members are moms with careers offering advice to other struggling moms. Just like other groups, the main rule is not to be dramatic. We moms tend to be dramatic, so most of the groups tend to highlight that part. 

The group’s mission is to support other working moms through commiseration and conversation from a liberal viewpoint. By the way, feminists are not allowed here. The groups aim at creating inclusivity and equality from diversified populations. This is a support group that I encourage moms to join. 

Dairy Queens: Working Moms 

This is sort of an affiliate of their main group Dairy Queen Mamas. It is a requirement to have joined their parent group to join this. The group’s main aim is to support breastfeeding and working mothers. Anything related to work, weaning, support, pumping, among others, are encouraged. It is a safe place for mothers to share their ideas and questions that can be answered. 

Unlike its parent group, this one has few followers and posts. Thus, it is advisable joining their main group too. 

Working Moms Support Group

This group developed through a friend’s idea about having a support group for moms. We all can see how our moms are a blessing and cared for, right? In this group, individuals teach others politely about their kids, work and life. Moreover, opportunities for those struggling moms are shared. 

Sharing family photos, recipes, and inspirational quotes have been an important factor for the group. Moms enjoy venting about their day and encouraging others by offering jobs, quotes, and other affectionate elements. 

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