Major Site Updates Coming (A peek into the future)

Last Updated on January 15, 2022

September has always been a special month for my site. Even last year, it was September when I redesigned the site and posted some of the best content.

Also, would like to share a major milestone for this website: I have finally published 100k words. Consistency can do wonders.

published word count using wordpress plugin

This year, I have several things planned out for September. You might have noticed that new content is already out. I am posting more frequently (fingers crossed) and have another major redesign in mind.

An update on Ads (My Ezoic Story) 💰

I was accepted into the Adsense program this March. I tried it for a week or so, and it was really disappointing. I was getting an average of 0.06$ per thousand visitors (CPM) on the website. 

I tried it for 2 weeks and earned a measly 1.5$ or something like that. Interestingly, traffic from a middle-eastern country (Kuwait, maybe) was fetching me 26$ / thousand visitors. I was lucky to get a dozen visits from there as well (thanks, Internet).

Then I luckily got into Ezoic through their “Ezoic Access Now” program. It was a limited entry for several websites that do not qualify for Ezoic ads due to their traffic limitations.

I tried Ezoic Ads on my website and I was blown away. It was much better than Adsense, in both functionality and earnings. My CPM jumped from 0.06$ to 1.2$. Crazy!!!

ezoic revenue guide and earning report

Note: Some people have achieved good CPM with Adsense as well, but it involves a lot of tweaking with the code and experimenting with ad placements and stuff. 

Another note: Ezoic has it’s disadvantages as well. Right away, it broke my site after integration. I was unable to access my website and WP login. 

The thing is, you need to whitelist some IP addresses for Ezoic’s integration. And this feature is not available to you if use Shared hosting for your website. You will need a VPS or something similar to do that.

But thankfully there is some random guy’s video on this problem. Interestingly, there is only this one video on the Internet. No one else has the solution (even Ezoic’s Customer team won’t help you on this matter).

Once my website was back up, I did notice that there was a drop in my speed, and a bump in the bounce rate. This was really heartbreaking. My bounce rate was up from 20% to 75%!!!

bounce rate increase after enabling ezoic ads

The ads will really mess up your site’s layout while they do their “AI Placeholder testing” or whatever. Meddled away in some of Ezoic’s settings to get a little speed back. Also limited the ads to just 1 or 2 ads per page (I wasn’t earning much amount anyway, why get greedy?).

My website is earning an average of 1.2$ / thousand visits now. So I have disabled all ads for the month of September (going ad-free, y’all). I will re-enable them for the month of October, November, and December. These 3 months are the golden egg of the advertising world. 

ezoic monthly earnings for pageviews

The companies spend the maximum in this last quarter on advertising, and thus rates are the maximum. I will re-enable and track my earnings to see the maximum earning potential of my website. 

Will hopefully share an update on this as well.

BTW, if you have a website or blog like me, and would like to monetize it, do try Ezoic. They are open for everyone now and have removed the traffic limitations.

Update: So I earned a total of 250$ in the 3 months. Disabling ads did not improve my bounce rate.

Complete site redesign coming up 🎨

I last redesigned the website in September, where I created the “Top Sites” page and linked it to some easy-to-read guides. It was great and the website has really grown since then.

I will now divide the content into 3 categories:

Beer money websites for people who just want a little cash for doing nothing.

Part-time job opportunities for people who need a little extra (rent money, sorted).

And full-time jobs for those who really want to live a remote life.

Will try to integrate the ads properly as well. Make navigating around the site easier. Things like that.

Update: I have redesigned the website, with custom category pages for the 3 job types. I will be further polishing the design from time to time.

Trying to Increase the Reach 🚀

Something very interesting happened in the past few months. A Facebook page I created years ago and never touched (by the website’s name) automatically grew to 250 likes (without any content/posts on the page). 

It made me realize that some of my visitors are definitely looking me up on social media, and so I have decided to become more active out there. You will notice my social media profiles popping up on various sections of the website now.

I have also started an email-exclusive newsletter. I just send it out once a month, with new findings and some updates.

Will also add desktop notifications feature on this site so my readers get notified whenever something new pops up. 

If you guys know someone who might find this website useful, do share it with them.

Here are my social media profiles if you want to follow me there:

I have added the links to the footer, right below the email subscription button. Feel free to check them out.

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