List of Sites (updating regularly)

Studypool (online tutoring – they say people can earn upto 7500$ monthly online) (similar) (language tutor)

US ONLY Fancy Hands (Virtual Assistant jobs)

Call reviewing (something different)

Freelancing like Micro Jobs (pay 3$ to 200$…might be interesting)

Micro jobs (maybe not worth it)

Testing time (they say they pay 50$ per test – like usertesting)

Go Transcript
Average earnings are 150$/month (according to my knowledge)


Website Testing (Similar to User testing) (mobile only)

Content Writing and translation/Transcription (pays via Paypal) (content writing)

Spare5 (Mixed reviews on the Internet)

Money for answering questiong (like Quora, but with payment)

Online Customer Support Jobs

Cloudworkers (Chat moderation – I heard from someone they recruit you for adult chat conversations, but pay good)
I’m not gay,
but 20 dollars is 20 dollars.