What is Digital Bazaari?

It’s been almost 7-8 months since I have registered, and have even switched it’s hosting provider once, but I am quite unsure of which direction this site should take.

In the beginning, I wanted to post some articles about Digital Marketing (hence the name), which I was learning at that time. But with time I realized that there are already much better articles and tutorials regarding the same, and simply re-iterating them won’t help my cause.

Besides, I personally believe that I am a very shitty teacher. A good learner, but just a shitty teacher. So, I took a break, to reconsider the content I put up on my site. So, I decided with some video tutorials of common Digital Marketing tasks, such as setting up a blog, installing plugins, etc. This was kind of interesting to me, but it is difficult for me to churn out videos at a fast pace, as I am a learner myself.

So, I decided to give another direction to this site. This time I wanted it to be something I can write about, kind of like my journey. And my journey is about freedom.

Maybe I sound very cliched when I say this, but I hate the idea of a desk job. Working 9 to 5. The same routine everyday. Living for the weekends, living on the weekends. And then again grinding mindlessly just to make some bank. I see the majority of people unsatisfied with their jobs, wanting some more time for themselves, maybe their families, their hobbies, or even some passion that they want to follow.

But they just can’t let go of the money, or the comfort and routine that they have so gracefully imbibed in themselves. SPOILER ALERT !!! It’s a trap, and years down the line I see people frustrated, and spiraling out of control just because they never lived the life they wanted to live.

Okay maybe it might not be that bad, maybe they find new reasons to live and be happy down the line, like starting a family or something.

But my point is, why not give it a try. This is an amazing time that we are living in, and I think things have never been better for humans as a race. With the digital economy growing by the day, I think any average person can earn a decent income online, working from home or any co-working spaces.

You can choose to live with your family, your friends, or even alone, and you can work early in the morning, late in the night or any damn time that you find suitable. And here’s the most amazing part, you get a considerably larger amount of money, for an astonishingly small amount of time.

Take my case for example, I currently work in a digital marketing company, and earn around 17000 INR (around 240$) for working 8 hours a day. On the side, I work as an ad rater for facebook. It’s a fairly simple task that hardly takes about 20-30 minutes of my day, and I get paid 3.5$ for it daily. See the difference. I work 40 hours a week, at an office, following rules and protocol to earn 240$, while on the other hand, I am earning 100$ easily by working an extra 3 hours a week.

So, my goal with this website is to find new ways to earn money online, probably share some tried and tested methods with my audience, and hopefully together we will be able to break the chains of the corporate jungle, and set ourselves free, for whatever it is we want to achieve or do with our lives.

P.S.: The articles in this blog are going to be in English, whereas the tutorial/videos will be mostly in Hindi, as I think it will be more comfortable both to my audience and me.