A nice way to earn Rs 6000 monthly

I found a nice way to earn around 100$ ( ₹7000 ) a month by just doing simple micro tasks online. It pays average at best, but over time this really compounds in. I have so far earned over 2600$ (1,82,000₹ ) by just doing simple projects online.

PS: Now I know that 100$ (7000 ₹) a month is not a great income, but it can be a good way to save up for that trip or some gadget you wanted to buy.

Also, considering that you are just working an hour or so on it, you can just increase your income for a while. The possibilities are endless. Especially in the countries where the dollar is strong, like 50x or 70x off value.

They accept a lot of countries, India being one of them, so try applying into them. It can help you earn a little more on the side (taking just 1 hour or so of your time daily).

PPS: The application process takes a while, and it usually takes 1-2 months until you get accepted into a project, and another 1 month till you get your first payment. But after that, it is a steady source of income with lots of opportunities coming at a daily basis.

I was surprised once when I was doing my taxes, and I calculated the Appen money from my bank statement and found out that I have earned over 1600$ ( ₹1,12,000) from them. My highest payment was 186$ ( ₹13000), and average payment came around to be 90$ ( ₹6400) per month. That’s got to be a good side income stream for a lot of countries.

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